hi, i'm carlos tacón.

cg / vfx generalist

CG / VFX Generalist - Student Showreel 2018


This is my first demo reel as CG / VFX Generalist, which is basically the project I’ve done in the VFX Professional Course at The Animation Workshop. I thought it was a good idea to show up a little bit more on this website, adding more info apart from the video: some making of process, software used and reference images. I took a lot of pictures as reference myself, but some are still from the Internet. This way I could always have real world images as reference.

I like to keep things organized so I thought a lot about naming conventions and file organization before hand. I also wanted to make file templates to reuse them for every asset including lookdev setups with different utils, HDRs and render layers, procedural dirt layers node networks for Arnold and breakdown turntables setups (Maya scenes and Nuke scripts).

Asset Building Pipeline & Reference Images

[00:21] Abandoned Car: Volkswagen Golf MKII Modeling using Maya, textures using Substance Painter, lookdev using Arnold. cg car golf car reference

[00:35] Smaller Elements: Oil Barrel & Traffic Cone Modeling using Maya, textures using Substance Painter (cone, pallet, tyres) & Mari (barrel and rusty metals), lookdev using Arnold. cg barrel barrel reference cg cone cone reference

[00:48] Workshop Elements: Wooden Door & Painted Steel Windows Modeling using Maya, textures using Substance Designer (100% procedural). Rendered with Substance Painter Iray. cg door wooden door reference cg painted steel window window reference

Bonus: Final Comp Nuke Script

nuke script