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Look development and turntable templates (Maya and Arnold)

demo freebie maya

I decided to share for free a couple of templates that I did when I was doing the VFX professional course at The Animation Workshop, I think they could be useful for people that is getting started in the VFX world. I did them while learning so maybe there are things that could have been done better. You can download them here.


The first file named lookdev.mb is used for making the lookdev process, it contains a chromeball + greyball + macbeth for reference and three HDRs that you should load yourselves to check different lighting scenarios. It contains one render layer for each HDR so you can render them all overnight :)

maya files


This template was used for making the breakdown as a turn around video, for modeling, UVs and look development. It is similar to the previous one, but it has different render layers that need to be composed [in Nuke] afterwards. The nuke script is also provided. Add your standin (or geo) in the asset group and you’re done.

turntable nuke script

Download Maya and Nuke files.

* Macbeth Chart EXR images at GitHub

* UV Checker maps collection at SketchFab